Nittsu NEC Logistics Visibility Service​

Visibility Service that contributes to
total cost reduction
with Logistics Big data availability


Are you sure that catching up
event management of supply chain??

According to customer's diversity needs/requirement due to globalization,
and intensive fluctuations in supply and demand,
minimum inventory with thorough production plan is essential element.
However, when there are production bases overseas, the supply chain
may become complicated by increasing transportation lead time.
Are any problems like these occurring in logistics?

Because of surplus inventory: Inventory costs increase​. Because of frequent emergency transports: Transport costs increase. Because of reliance on sheer manpower: Confirmation works increase. Because of sudden delivery delays: Customer satisfaction decreases. Because of reviews of production plans: There are clashes between departments.

Are any of these
at your work sites?


Management has become a complicated black box due to global supply chains with overseas warehouses, factories sales companies, 3PLs, brokers and multiple transportation modes air, sea truck and rail.

Currently, only warehouse physical inventory are under control, but those of which in-transit or slow-moving are hard to control/handle them accurately and finally causing excess inventory.


Regarding to delivery date inquiry, corresponding individually against each company by phone, email, searching web site, and this consuming huge labor.

Suddenly, a big gap occurred against initial ETA, but this delay will be recognised at the final stage.

Individual shipping notifications via emails, faxes and phone calls. And also time-zone differences makes this situation more worse.


The company wants to see each global supply chain information (inventory, loading and unloading, transport, customs forms, etc.) as more merged and organized condition.

The company also want to monitor not only overseas affiliated company inventory but also cross transport (out-out delivery) as well from Japan remotely.

The company would like to be able to make unified queries regarding different modes of transport, including air, sea, and truck-based transportation.

The company would like to know transport conditions at not just the B/L or invoice number, but also the product number or item number level.

The company would like to know the compliance rate, such as whether they could deliver as planned, or how long it was delayed.


The company is using an inventory/loading and unloading inquiry system, but is dissatisfied with how information is displayed for searches and reports, therefore they are unable to make good use.

Timely information is not provided, and it is tedious to check the freight tracking sites of each carrier.

Visibility Service can solve all these problems!​

Through centralized management of global inventory and timely checking of
transportation statuses, Visibility Service will manage and support distribution events
on the supply chain and back up your production plans.

checking of conditions is possible!​ Global supply chains are visualized!
  • Point01

    Visibility service supports visualization of global supply chains as one-stop shop, including everything from the actual work done in logistics, to IT services

  • Point02

    Of course Visibility service can track and search in B/L or invoice basis, but not only that. Also can visualize based on PO, product, or item number level as well as B/L or invoice basis

  • Point03

    Custom views and Excel reports will be provided (downloaded or automatic email delivery) with a layout in customer prefers

  • Point04

    Vast volume of logistics data and customer's business data can be combined (uploaded) for processing

  • Point05

    Based on a cloud service, up-to-date status is accessible anytime, as long as there is an environment that can connect to the Internet

What is Nittsu NEC Logistics's
Visibility Service?

Visibility Service is a cloud-based visualization service that can collect and integrate data from around the world via the each operation systems based on logistics operation entrusted from the customer, and serves visualized data through Web-based interface. The service can be used to serve vast volume of logistics data in custom views processed to have a customer-designed layout, in addition to enabling automatical data distribution service in Excel format or by email. The service also offers the usual querying of transport, inventory, and loading and unloading; management of offshore and retained inventory; and document management for logistics operations.
In addition, customers’ business data and logistics data can be combined together and visualized.
(Even when multiple logistics operators are used, it is also possible to manage them in a centralized manner through collecting their logistics data.)

The required data can be seen at a glance! In-house data added if necessary, Various features can be combined