Features of Visibility Service

Global freight tracking

Visibility Service is replete with a rich set of search features for global transport status, including searches by B/L, invoice, PO, or item number; searches based on various additional criteria; and direct searches based on flights, ship names, and ETDs/ETAs. This enables tracking based on the optimal information density for the customer.
By using searches in conjunction with custom views, results can be viewed in list-form.

Forecasted and actual statuses/modes of transport displayed with easy-to-see icons. Search by “PO No” or “Item No.” Search by additional criteria, such as origin, destination, freight status, and mode of transport. It is also possible to perform direct searches that combine flight/vessel names and potential ETDs/ETAs. Depending on the required information density, different ways of using the service are possible, including using basic search, checking pages with more detailed information, or using the bookmarking feature. Freight tracking that utilizes custom views is possible. Among other options, results can be viewed as a list, rather than performing a specific search.

Global inventory tracking

Inventory stored at, taken out of, and brought into locations around the globe, as well as overseas inventory in transit and long-term stagnant inventory retained in all warehouses can be centrally managed in the single platform, based on the customer’s global supply chain strategy. This helps reduce surplus inventory on a global scale and to respond to sudden fluctuations of demand.

Centralized management of storage and loading/unloading of inventory at locations around the globe. Centralized management of retained inventory at locations around the globe. Centralized management of transport inventory around the globe.

Document management

With Visibility Service, you can manage documents relating to various logistics operations, including B/Ls, invoices, and parts lists. Using a smartphone in conjunction with the service, you can also easily upload photographs to accompany damage reports, field reports, and other documents, allowing you to share the photographs globally. Because document management is performed in the cloud, you can make it so that only designated users can view documents, improving security.

Because only designated users are allowed to view documents after entering their IDs and passwords, security management is improved!

Custom views

Custom views processed into customer-defined layouts can be provided, based on vast quantities of logistics data (Big Data) concerning the customer. The service also allows for the use of customer-specific search keys and more advanced custom screens when the customer uploads internal business data.

Made-to-order solutions filter based on required items and display results as a list online. ​Unites and displays data from multiple systems. All items are subject to search (narrowing down). Customers can upload proprietary data and utilize it in combination with logistics data! Easy-to-use, with the customer's own layout!

Excel reports/Email notification

Visibility Service enables the generation of customer-defined reports and data analysis by configuring the service beforehand to utilize graphs, pivot tables, macros, and other Excel-specific tabulation features. The service also enables periodic reporting to customers utilizing an automatic email-based distribution feature for the reports that are generated. By sending reports to smartphones, users can check them even outside of the office.

Made-to-order solutions filter based on required items and output the results in Excel format. Reports generated already incorporate graphs, pivot tables, functions, and other analysis features of Excel. Downloads and automatic distribution by email (PULL&PUSH). The service visualizes issues customers face and supports them in making improvements to their supply chain processes.
  • e.g.) Analysis of inbound and outbound shipment performance
  • e.g.) Global warehouse inventory statuses
  • e.g.) ABC analysis
  • e.g.) Logistics situation trend analysis
Customers can upload proprietary data and utilize it in combination with logistics data!​
In some usage cases, the service enables the display of inventory statuses of warehouses around the world!